Sasthamcotta- the land of Shri Dharma Sastha is a picturesque village enriched by the view of the largest fresh water lake of Kerala. The irregular boundaries of the lake are shaped by a number of green hillocks. The heart of Sasthamcotta town is centered around the Shri Dharma Sastha temple which is located on a piece of land surrounded by the lake on three sides.
From times unknown, this area has been a haven to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Ayurvedic scholars doted on this place for rare species of florae used for Ayurvedic treatments as well as for the preparation of medicines. A rare species of fish, locally called ‘Etta’ (believed to be a divine retinue of Sree Dharma Sastha) found in the lake, as well as many other species of reptiles and birds add value to the natural environment.

The Sasthamcotta market is another place that deserves special mention. Business flourished here even during the times of the colonial rule.
Sasthamcotta is the land of splendid natural beauty as well as eternal values.The Second World Parliament of Religions (1971) was hosted at this place. Excavations and scientific studies support the belief that this is a land of divinity on account of the ‘thapas’of many ascetics, saints and yogis.
Sasthamcotta is also known for the Devaswom Board College affiliated to the University of Kerala and managed by the Travancore Devaswom Board. It is situated close to the temple on the banks of the Sasthamcotta Lake. 

Places of Attraction

The landscape of Sasthamcotta, enriched by its natural resources makes this area a favourite tourist destination. The Ashtamudi backwaters, Amritapuri (headquarters of Mata Amrithananthamayi Math) etc. are some of the places of interest in the adjoining areas. Besides, there are a number of pilgrim centres like the Kadukavu Devi Temple, Vettikadu Mahadeva Temple, Mannurkavu Devi Temple, Muthupilakadu Parthasarathi Temple, Anayadi Narasimhaswami Temple, Chittumala Devi Temple, Uparikunnam Mahavishnu Temple, etc.

The temples dedicated to Dhuryodhana, Dushasana, Dussala and Shakuni (the antagonist   characters from Mahabharata) form spots of interest in and around Sasthamcotta (within a circle of 5-8km aerial distance)


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