THIRUVUTHSAVAM 2017 (04-03-2017 to 13-03-2017)

           The ‘Utsavam’ of Shri Dharma Sastha is the most celebrated festival of Sasthamcotta and adjoining area. The temple flag will be hoisted on 04.03.2017 heralding the ‘Utsavam’. By 13.03.2017 the Utsavam culminates with ‘Araattu’.

Mandala Mahotsav (16/11/2012 to 27/12/2012)

          Mandala mahotsav includes the 41 days celebrations beginning from the first day of the Malayalam month of Vrischikom. This period is usually observed as the season for the pilgrimage to Sabarimala. Ideally a Vruthum (penance) of 41 days is observed prior to the pilgrimage. During this period, the  devotees lead  simple and pious lives. Devotees from various parts of Kerala come to Sasthamcotta and commence their Sabarimala Vruthum wearing Tulasi or Rudraksha Mala from the temple. People who are unable to visit Sabarimala also come to Sasthamcotta to worship Shri Dharma Sastha as the legend goes that the same divine presence of Sabarimala exists here. At Sasthamcotta temple, Mandala mahotsav is celebrated as ‘Chirappu’ for the 41 days with special poojas, deepakazhcha, niramala and other offerings. Each day of the chirappu is sponsored by devotees. This year Mandala Mahotsav commences on 16th November, 2012.


Onam festival & Vanara Sadya at Sasthamcotta Temple 

         Onam is  the most important festival of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the state. Onam is celebrated every year to welcome home the legendary King Mahabali who was sent to ‘paathaala lokam’ by the  ‘Vamana’ avathar of lord Mahavishnu.  At Sasthamcotta temple, ‘Vanara Sadya’ (a banquet for monkeys of the temple) forms an important celebration associated with Onam festival. This year the vanara sadya falls on 28 and 29 of August 2012. Uthrada Sadya on 28 September 2012 sponsored by M.V.Aravindakshan Nair, Sreeshylam, Sasthamcotta
Thiruvona Sadya on 29 September 2012 sponsored by G.B.Pillai, Kannimelazhikathu, Sasthamcotta.


The official launch of the website of Sasthamcotta temple –
         The website was officially launched by the ‘Thanthri’ of Sasthamcotta temple, Brahmashri. Ramesh Bhatathiri on the 28 of July 2010 in a simple function conducted at the temple,

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